Cool Hunter Jobs, Cool Hunter Problems

By now, we’ve all heard of Hunter’s job-hunting email service.

Now, according to a new report from Gartner, hunters are still the most popular job-seekers in the U.S. But that could soon change.

According to the latest report, hunters have surpassed other job seekers like nurses, doctors, lawyers, and accountants for the number of jobs that hunters are looking for.

The most popular position for hunters is as a mechanic.

In the report, the number one job for hunters in the country is as “Engineering/Computer Systems Technician.”

Hunters are also the most sought after by employers in engineering and construction, and are among the top job seekers in the manufacturing, transportation, and information technology sectors.

The report states that hunters and other job-seeker are more likely to be seeking jobs in information technology and other information technology fields, while hunters are more than twice as likely as the general population to be looking for a retail sales job.

The job-seeking hunter also is much more likely than the general public to seek a job in financial services.

Gartner’s Job-Seeker report states the following: Hunters are the most active job seekers for employers in the economy, with a record 4.7 million job seekers, nearly half of them in retail, hospitality, and food service.

They are also more likely for jobs in construction, retail, and health care, and more than four times more likely in construction than the average worker.

While hunters are not only the most engaged job seekers out there, the report notes that the job-searching population is also changing rapidly.

According to the report: Hunters today are more involved in their communities, engaged in social media and online networking, and using social media to connect with potential employers.

Hunters are more willing to take on other work and engage in a variety of other activities outside of their hunting career, such as volunteering, learning more about volunteering, volunteering with their local church, or becoming involved in a charity organization.

Hunter job seekers are also much more involved than average with social media, with 2.3 billion posts posted on social media platforms in 2017.

The Gartners report notes there is much work to be done to expand job opportunities for hunters, including expanding access to affordable housing and job training programs, improving the quality of education and career pathways for hunters to work in the fields of agriculture, construction, hospitality and retail, as well as creating incentives for hunters and others who want to work at home.