When you want to get the job of the day, the Aecom hunts are the place to be

Business Insider is reporting that a growing number of Australian companies are hunting the elusive job of animal hunting jobs, with a big number of them looking to fill vacancies on the back of a growing interest in the lucrative trade.

Key points:Aecom CEO Michael Cappellaro has told the ABC that there is a huge appetite for hunting roles in AustraliaAs part of the job hunt, Aecoms hunts are looking to hire people who have a background in animal managementThe hunt for animal hunting roles can be lucrative as there are often more than one job availableAecoms CEO Michael Carappellaris told the BBC on Friday that there was a huge demand for the hunting jobs in Australia, with more than 300 job vacancies advertised on the job boards.

“We’ve had a number of people in Australia come in with jobs, looking for them.

The demand is great,” he said.”

If you look at what’s going on in the country today, there’s a big appetite for jobs.”

He said the job opportunities were also lucrative, with some companies offering up to $500,000 in the industry, which is expected to rise to more than $1 billion in the next decade.

Mr Carappells main point to highlight is that the hunt for the jobs has increased as a result of the global animal rights movement, with animal protection groups pushing for an end to the killing of wild animals in the name of hunting.

“I think we’ve seen that demand and that demand is continuing to grow,” he told the broadcaster.

“It’s also a reflection of the international response to animal cruelty and to the need to bring people together.”

And so we’ve certainly seen more and more people joining up to hunt and kill.

“Mr Carapps organisation, which hunts for native and feral animals in Australia and abroad, also announced it had recruited more than 1,300 people for roles on its hunting boards in the past year.”

The number of positions on our boards in Australia has more than doubled in the last year,” it said.”[The] number of roles has been increasing year on year.””

Our board has expanded and we’re looking for people to work on our hunting boards to be in our hunt.

“There are people from every country on our board.

We have the best job market in the world, we have a very diverse range of skills and experience.”‘

A great opportunity’For some, a successful hunting job is the only way to stay in the game.

“You don’t have to be an animal trainer, you can be a ranger or even a professional hunter,” Mr Carappllaris told Business Insider.

“Some of our roles are really, really exciting.”

He added that there are people who are looking for roles in animal welfare.

“What we have found is that if you have an interest in working in animal advocacy and you are passionate about animals and animal welfare and animal protection, then this is a great opportunity.”AECom hunts have been in Australia for more than 40 years, but there are now more than 800 hunters working on the hunt boards, with the majority of them employed by Aecomes own company.

The company, which operates on the eastern coast of Australia, has been hunting for native animals for the past 50 years and employs more than 80 people.

Mr Cappells views the job hunting business as “a great opportunity” and said the hunting industry in Australia was “just beginning”.

“I’m confident that with the continued development of the industry in this country and with our leadership in animal protection and animal rights, that we will see an increase in the demand for these jobs,” he added.