Man who posted photos of himself as a woman and cat killing a deer dies of lung cancer

By Giuseppe CiazzoLONDON (AFP) – A man who posted photographs of himself in a bikini and a wig posing as a female and cat killer died of lung disease on Sunday, his family said.

The 26-year-old posted a picture of himself wearing a bikini on Instagram last month and another of himself dressed in a wig on a Facebook page with the name “Lunatic Hunter” in the city of Florence.

He was found by his girlfriend and her two children at his home in the northern city of Genoa on Saturday, the Genoa mayor’s office said.

“He was very sad and sad that his life could be taken away from him, he was not happy about it,” his mother, Lucia Maranzano, told Italy’s Il Giornale newspaper.

“We have lost him to lung cancer.”

“He used to laugh about his hobby.

Now, I can only think of his two sons and a little girl,” she added.

Maranzano said she had tried to contact the police to inform them about the man’s identity, but they had not been able to reach him.

She said he had been “a good friend” and would be missed by everyone in the town of about 100,000.

“It’s a tragedy,” she said.

Police have not yet made any arrests in connection with the death.