When you hire someone with the Hunt Valve Job, you’re paying them a premium

FOX Sports says the Hunt valve job is the only job where Valve employees are paid $15 an hour.

It’s also the only position where Valve doesn’t pay a salary cap.

That’s a big deal.

You’ll notice that Valve does pay its employees more than the other positions on the list, but it doesn’t do so at the expense of paying them less than other jobs.

In other words, if you want to pay your employees more, Valve is not the place to do it.

If you do pay them less, you can be sure they’re working for Valve.

But if you do do that, you’ll pay them more than any other job on the entire list. 

The Hunt Valve job is also the highest-paying for a Valve employee.

It takes $19.83 an hour to fill the position, with the highest starting salary of $20,852.00.

It also pays an additional $5,000 in bonuses.

For the sake of comparison, the average salary of a Valve staff member is $31,827.33, according to PayScale.com.

The top-paying Valve job, which pays $25.40 an hour, is the Lead Programmer role.

It gives a salary of just $25,800.00 and bonuses of $8,000.

It pays $7,000 per month in bonuses and $5.00 per hour in base pay.

The lowest-paying Hunt Valve position pays $16.99 an hour and pays bonuses of just under $15,000 a month.

That makes it the least-payable Hunt Valve role.

The Hunt Valve career site offers several other Valve jobs that are paid a little better.

If your team has a senior manager, for example, they can pay a little more to get a job with the company.

There’s also a Hunt Programmer position that pays $12.40 per hour, a Lead Programming position that raises your salary to $20.00 an hour per month, and a Lead Developer position that is $16 an hour with bonuses of more than $25 a month, according the CareerBuilder site.

If that sounds like the Hunt program for you, the best place to start is at the career site’s Hunt jobs page, where you can learn about the Hunt Program and find the best jobs for you.

If the job you’re looking for doesn’t have a Hunt program, there are several other opportunities that may be of interest to you. 

Here are some other Hunt positions on Valve’s job page: Hunt Engineer, Lead Engineer, Designer, Programmer, Lead Program Engineer, Program Manager, Lead Designer, Lead Developer, Lead Artist, Lead Writer, Program Developer, Program Engineer Lead, Program Analyst, Program Executive, Program Administrator, Program Head, Program Lead, and Program Manager.

You can see how these Hunt jobs compare to other Valve positions in our Hunt jobs comparison chart.

The job listings are all in alphabetical order.