Aecom hunts jobless job seekers for $50k per year

Employers have long offered job hunting consultants to help them attract and retain candidates.

Now, they are offering them for as little as $50,000 a year to help candidates find work. 

But it is a job that does not come cheap. 

Aecom’s new job search consultant, job hunt consultant, is offering a $50K a year contract with a 30-day job hunting contract to help candidates find work in Australia. 

The job hunt consultant will provide job searching services, advice and assistance in job search, career, job search and job search for a fee of $50 per job in a bid to help candidates get the most out of the Australian labour market. 

“Aecomm is proud to offer a job hunt consultancy for up to $50 million over three years,” said CEO Kerry Lefroy in a statement.

“This is a significant investment for us in helping job seekers find the best opportunities in Australia.”AECOM has already set up a job hunting firm in Australia and will be launching a second Australian firm later this year. 

It is not clear whether the new job hunting specialist will offer a similar contract. 

As well as being a job search specialist, the job seeker also is responsible for job search and career management for Aecomm Australia.

The company said the contract would provide a “new and expanded level of service to Aecoms job seekers and also for their recruitment and employment.” 

The company will also provide training for job seekers in the job hunting industry and other areas of the Australian economy. 

For more information about Aecomes new job hunt contract, click here.