What job searching meme can you use to get the job you want?

A job searching poster on the job posting site Reddit has created a meme that says “Hunt job hunting” and features a photo of a coyote with the caption “Hunting a coyotes ass” and the tagline “Hunter jobs.”

The meme has gained more than 300,000 likes and shares since it was posted on Wednesday, and the Reddit user behind the meme, who goes by the username TheHunterJobHunt, has been contacted by CBS News.

The meme features a coyot with the tag line “Hunts a coyots ass” on the side.

The caption reads “Hunt a coyos ass for the job.”

The user who created the meme is also a member of the Hunter College job board, which allows job seekers to post job ads and has an online search engine called HuntingJobSearch.com.

TheHunterJobSearch has more than 1.6 million members, and many are searching for a job, TheHunter said.

TheHunter is a graduate of Hunter College.