What do you need to get a job in a new age of job hunting?

The job market has seen a sharp rise in the number of jobseekers in recent years, with the Australian Bureau of Statistics reporting last week that more than 9,500 people were applying for jobs in Australia in 2016. 

And, while the number is higher than it was a decade ago, it’s still far short of the record number of jobs created in 2015 and 2016.

There have also been more people applying for work, and fewer people being hired, than in previous years.

So what’s driving the growth?

Job hunters say they’ve been busy, busy but not as busy as they might have hoped, says Tara Davies, a job hunting coach for Penny McLean.

“The boom in jobseekers that I see, it does sound like a boom, but it’s actually a bit like the end of a boom.

We’re going through an era of peak hiring,” she said.”

I think people are really excited to see what’s going on.”

There’s not really any shortage of jobs.

It’s just people wanting to fill their jobs, and they’re just more busy looking for work.

“Ms Davies said she found it surprising that jobseekers were finding jobs that they didn’t want, like at the bottom of the ladder.”

You look at the average salary of those jobseekers, the median salary is $55,000.

That’s not the average income of the people looking for jobs,” she explained.”

It’s a bit high, but then you look at their median job search, and that’s not what they’re looking for.

“When I say people are looking for a job, I mean people are actually looking for that job.”

They’re looking to find that new career, that new job they never had before.”‘

I’d love to be an apprentice’A job hunting coach for Penny McLean says she has a few tips to help job seekers make the most of the job market.”

If you can’t find that role that you want, you should definitely apply for a full-time position and see if it’s a position you’re happy with,” she told ABC News Breakfast.”

Some people are finding themselves without the right job for whatever reason, so I think that’s a good place to start, to be able to get some of those tips.

That’s just where I feel like I can help the most, and I’d love for that to be my main gig.””

I’d definitely love to have a job with The Next Web,” she said.

“That’s just where I feel like I can help the most, and I’d love for that to be my main gig.”

Job hunting blogger Penny McLeod agrees. 

She said she is particularly excited about the role of the “Internet of Things” and “smart homes” in the future.

“We are so far behind when it comes to jobs in the workplace, we need to start looking for them now,” she wrote on LinkedIn.

“A lot of the jobs I’m seeing, especially in the hospitality industry, are not available in the modern day, so there is a lot of job searching going on to fill that void.”

What’s more, Ms McLeod said she would love to work for the likes of Amazon, Airbnb and Microsoft. 

Job hunting coach Tara Davies says that job hunting can be more exciting than job hunting A job seeking Pieter Papic and Tara Davys on the job hunting trail with Penny McLaverty and Tina Tunnay in Melbourne, Victoria, in January.