Job seekers, job seekers, what are the job hunting skills of each candidate

As India gears up for its second ever job hunt, the government is looking for candidates to lead the hunt, one job seekers’ rights advocate says.

Job seekers, which include those working in retail, public sector, healthcare, mining, manufacturing, education, telecom and defence, are one of the fastest-growing categories in India, accounting for roughly 13% of all job vacancies.

The Indian Express has learnt that job seekers will be asked to apply to the Prime Minister’s job hunting department for training in a job hunt of their choice.

The job seekers are also being asked to upload their resume, cover letter, cover photograph and other relevant documents to the job hunt portal.

The portal is set up under the Prime Ministers job hunting initiative in an effort to help job seekers find jobs and increase the employment opportunities for those who can’t find a job, the group said in a statement.

“This portal will help us to meet the demand for hiring, especially as many job seekers want to find jobs.

If we can meet the expectations of job seekers and fill vacancies, the scheme will also help the government to ensure that the country’s youth can get jobs,” the statement added.

Employment minister Gopal Rai said the portal would help in the hiring process and the government would set up training camps for job seekers.

“The portal will enable us to help people in the process of filling vacancies,” he said.

“The government is committed to ensure all our citizens have a fair shot at finding jobs,” he added.

A recent survey by India’s Bureau of Statistics showed that around 11.7 million Indians were jobless.

The jobsless rate is lower than in most of the world and India has the lowest number of jobless in the world at 7.6 million.

The survey found that the unemployment rate among young people aged 16 to 24 was 25% while among young adults in their twenties it was only 16%.