How to hunt a wild deer in Kerala

Hunters in Kerala have taken to the land to kill wild deer for the first time in a year.

Kerala is famous for its hunting tradition and the wild deer has long been one of the most popular animals.

Wild deer are often found roaming in the state, often in dense herds of up to 100 deer.

But hunting has been on the rise in the last few years and now a number of states have introduced measures to restrict the killing of wild deer.

Wildlife officials in Kerala say they are monitoring the situation to make sure it doesn’t become a trend.

In the state capital Kochi, the wildlife department has issued a notice to the hunting clubs to come and shoot the wild boar.

They have been asked to put in place strict rules on when and where they can shoot wild boars and how long it can take to kill the animals.

“The law should not be made to allow people to hunt wild boares in the middle of the night in the absence of any specific instruction from the department,” a senior wildlife officer told the news channel.

Wild boars are found throughout the state.

Wild boars can be found in the forests of Kerala, some places in the villages of the district and in the national parks of the state such as the state’s Madurai and Kozhikode National Parks.

The state’s environment department has also been working on a plan to restrict hunting.