The NFL’s Hunter aaf is no longer the guy who helped Hunter Jones survive a deadly shootout

Hunter Jones is the kind of star you wouldn’t want to be a guest of his in a bar.

Jones was on a mission to get his teammates in the NFL the respect they deserve.

But now that he’s the head coach of the New Orleans Saints, he’s also the headliner of a new podcast that’s been airing for the past two weeks.

It’s called The NFL Podcast Network and it’s a show on the rise that’s helping to put the spotlight on the league.

Jones, who’s in his eighth season as the Saints’ coach, has the most experience coaching the NFL.

He has the full backing of the league, including the players union.

But this time around, Jones has more on his plate than just the players.

The NFL Network’s Dan Fouts and The Associated Press have partnered on this new podcast.

And while the show has its fair share of NFL stars, it’s Jones’ perspective that’s the most notable.

Jones is a guy that knows exactly how to get a team going.

Jones knows how to win games.

He knows how the best players in the game are built.

And he knows how a player needs to be paid.

When I sat down with Jones, he was as candid about what he thinks the NFL should do.

“There’s a couple things that I really want to do, and the only reason I want to change something is because I think the NFL needs to change,” Jones said.

“I think we’ve got to get better on the salary cap.

We need to get rid of the luxury tax.

We’ve got a lot of guys that are really talented, but they don’t get paid as much as the coaches and players. “

We need to make sure we’re putting the players first, not just the coaches.

We’ve got a lot of guys that are really talented, but they don’t get paid as much as the coaches and players.

And then you’ve also got to have the players that are going to make the team. “

It’s like, you’ve got the players, you got the coaches, you need the players to get paid.

And then you’ve also got to have the players that are going to make the team.

And I think that’s what’s really missing out on.”

Jones’ NFL Network show is airing this week on NFL Network.

He’ll be joined by fellow NFL coach Eric DeCosta, former NFL safety and current ESPN analyst Mike Pereira and current NFL Network analyst Joe Buck.

Jones’ podcast has also been on the air with the NFL Network since 2013, and it has been a regular on the network’s Monday Night Countdown.

And as we reported last week, the show is now up to three million downloads.

In addition to the NFL podcast, the Saints have been using the show to promote their upcoming season.

Last week, Jones made a special appearance on the show and spoke about his thoughts on a possible extension for Brees.

It was a special moment for Jones, considering that Brees was set to be on the market for a new contract until he signed with the Saints.

But Jones told Pereira that the Saints had been talking to Brees and his agent, Jimmy Sexton, for several weeks about a potential extension.

Jones said that Brees had already been talking about a new deal with the team and that he hadn’t been offered anything.

“He’s been a little bit reluctant to give it up, I think, but he’s had some conversations,” Jones told The AP.

“And so it’s going to be interesting to see how that evolves.”

The Saints have a lot to be excited about this season.

The Saints were the top-ranked team in the NFC last season, a position they’re likely to be in again this year.

But the Saints also have to figure out what it’s like to play in the new NFC East and what it takes to win a Super Bowl.

The NFC East was in a division last season.

In 2016, the league expanded to eight teams and each team got two NFC West teams in the playoffs.

The Cowboys, who are in the division, lost to the Seahawks in the first round.

That was a blow for the Cowboys, which was hoping to get into the playoffs again.

Now that they’ve been to the Super Bowl twice, the Cowboys have a chance to win the NFC East again.

But with the Cowboys going to the NFC Championship Game, the team will have to start fresh.

“This is the first time in 20 years that we’re not going to go to the playoffs,” Jones explained.

“So we have to learn to be able to handle that and do it the right way.”

With so much to prove this season, the first task for the Saints this season is to win back the NFC South.

And the Saints are hoping that the new coach, Steve Spagnuolo, can help them do that. “The