What are your hunting experiences?

It is often difficult to keep track of the number of jobs hunting jobs are currently available.

Many of these jobs are seasonal and offer no guarantee of employment beyond the next hunting season.

However, one job in particular offers a guarantee that one hunter will get a job in a particular hunting season: the Hunter Fan.

This job is open to those who want to become hunters in the Northern Ireland and UK.

The hunter fan hunts with a shotgun, a bow and arrow and can use a hunting knife and can be a member of the same hunting club.

This is the job of hunters who have a keen interest in hunting and enjoy the outdoors.

Hunters can get a hunting licence for as little as €15.

It is not possible to become a hunter fan, however, as the only qualification required is to be a resident of the Northern Irish Republic and UK, or to be 18 years old.

It’s the perfect hunting experience, as hunters have the opportunity to spend a whole day in the field with their favourite sport.