When the internet is your friend, check out the latest jobs

Hunter Express, a Melbourne-based digital nomad job agency, is opening its latest job fair to lure hunters and outdoor enthusiasts with an offer of a hunting job.

The agency says it is hoping to draw more than 300 applicants to the job fair in the Hunter Valley on April 28.

It is also looking to fill the position of an outdoor recreationist with up to six months of training and will be looking for people to be an apprentice in the fields.

The Hunter Express job fair is being hosted by the Hunter River Conservation Society and is open to anyone from hunters, anglers, waterfowlers, hunters with permits and anyone with a passion for outdoor recreation.

The event is being held at the Hunter Park Lodge, which is near the Hunter Express office and is the site of a recent Hunter Express campfire festival.

The job fair will also feature a host of local businesses and hunters who are looking to start their own businesses and to be part of the Hunter economy.

Hunter Express is looking for someone with an interest in hunting, hunting skills and hunting experience to take part in a one-month internship.

It will also give students and hunters the opportunity to earn a degree in the field of outdoor recreation through the Hunter Institute of Recreation.

The company says it hopes to attract up to 300 applicants and is looking to recruit hunters with up-to-six months of experience and a passion to the outdoors.