Trump praises Michigan’s governor for job hunting

Trump hailed Michigan Gov.

Rick Snyder (R) on Wednesday for leading Michigan’s job hunting community, saying he had “a lot of admiration” for Snyder’s job-hunting skills.

In an interview with the Michigan State Journal, Trump said he admired the governor’s ability to put his stamp on the state’s economic development and to get his job-seeking policies implemented, which has helped the state become a hotbed of job creation.

“He’s doing a really good job of getting the job hunters the job they want to get into the industry,” Trump said of Snyder, who has touted the state as a place where people can find jobs and a place to invest.

“We have a lot of people who have gone to Michigan and gotten jobs, and a lot more who have not gotten into the manufacturing industry,” he said.

“They’re not getting that.

And I think that’s very important, because when you do that, you make the country great again.”

Trump, who campaigned in Michigan in April, was speaking to members of the Michigan Economic Development Corp. in Lansing, which serves as a state agency for job-seekers.

The president also praised Michigan Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D) for her work on job-training initiatives, which he said were helping to drive job growth and increase the state economy.

“When you’re dealing with the manufacturing sector, you’re not going to have a strong state, and if you don’t have a good economy, you can’t have great people,” Trump told reporters.

“And Debbie Stabensow has done a very good job.”

Snyder has been critical of Trump and his administration for the state of Michigan’s economy, which is the worst it’s been since the Great Recession.

Trump has criticized Snyder, as well as Michigan Govs.

Rick Scott (R), Larry Hogan (R-Ohio), Brian Sandoval (R -Nev.), John Kasich (R, Ohio) and Kim Guadagno (R., N.Y.).

In the interview, Trump praised Snyder’s work in crafting policies and strategies for job growth in the state, saying that “there are a lot that we need to get done.”

“We need to help these people who want to work in manufacturing, we need them to get jobs in our state,” Trump added.

“That’s a very important thing.

We have a very weak economy, and the fact that there are a bunch of people here who want jobs, they have to get their jobs.

And that’s the reason why we have so many people that want to go into manufacturing. “