‘Black Swan’ job fair: ‘No’ to job hunting blues

In a country where jobs have become increasingly scarce in the face of the government’s austerity drive, the hunt for new employment opportunities has become an all-consuming job.

“Job hunting blues” has become a major theme of job fairs in Tamil Nadu in recent years. 

It has been particularly pronounced in the state where the rural-dwelling population has been heavily affected by the state’s budget-cut and labour market reforms, particularly in rural areas, where job losses have been the greatest. 

The latest employment figures from the Tamil Nadu government showed that the jobless rate stood at 8.7% in the year to March, down from 8.9% in March last year. 

However, the government has been pushing ahead with its plan to reduce unemployment to 5.5% by 2022. 

And, according to a survey by the Economic Survey Research Centre (ESRC), the state has the lowest unemployment rate among the states in the country.

According to the survey, employment was found to be in decline across the board in Tamilnadu. 

“According to data released by the ESRC, employment stood at 7.9 per cent in the city of Chennai and 5.6 per cent across the state of Tamil Nadu,” the ESFC said in its monthly employment report released on Monday. 

According to this survey, Tamil Nadu was the only state with a jobless ratio of less than 4% across the entire country. 

Among the states, Tamilnads employment rate stood as lowest in Karnataka (7.4%), Kerala (6.6%) and Karnataka-AAP (6%) states.

Meanwhile, the unemployment rate in Tamilvadam was found as 8.5%, down from 9.3% in February this year.

In its report, the ESEC said that the trend of the job market in Tamilas is still in a “slow but steady” phase.

The jobless trend in the region has seen a sharp increase in the past two years.

“The overall trend of joblessness in Tamilnas has been steadily increasing since 2015, rising to 6.6% in December 2016, which was followed by 6.7 per cent (February 2017) and 7.2% (March 2017),” the ESMC said.

 In a recent report, ESRC said that unemployment in Tamilyas is expected to fall from 10.6 lakh to 9 lakh in the coming three years.

The ESRC has also pointed out that the rural unemployment rate was reported to be 3.9 lakh, down 3.3 lakh from its previous peak of 4.3 million in May 2017.