Why Hunter Roberts job hunting career may not end in Australia

Hunter Roberts says he has no regrets about starting his career as a bushwalking ranger in the Northern Territory.

He says he did not realise how many jobs hunters could find and that he would never want to do anything else.

But he has had a tough go of it, says Mr Roberts, who now works in tourism.

“You’re trying to make a living off the bush, so it’s a very difficult job and you’ve got to be careful with what you’re doing.”

Mr Roberts started as a backcountry ranger, which was a full time job.

He went on to be a ranger for the Hunter Ranges and has a reputation for being a hard worker.

“I have no regrets.

I didn’t realise how much people could be out there hunting and I’m glad I did,” he said.”

You do have to be aware of the bush and be aware if you’re not going to be out here for a long time.”

That’s what I was trained to do.

“Hunter Roberts says being a bushwalker has been a lifelong passion of hisHunter Roberts was an outback bushwalker, living on the Goldfields of New South Wales and Western Australia and then back to the Northern Territories.

He was also involved in hunting and had a lot of experiences out in the bush.

He also worked as a road ranger and was also on the Royal Australian Air Force.”

My job was basically to be there when the plane came to take off,” he says.

Mr Roberts says the bushwalkers he had worked with were not the people he had known growing up.”

When you’re in the backcountry and you have to go out and chase after animals, you’re usually not in the company of people who have a passion for the bush,” he explains.”

It’s just a lot different.

“He says it was a dream job to work out in a remote place and see a whole new way of life.”

But it’s been a very exciting experience.

It’s been great to see how much more people are willing to travel out there for a job,” he added.”

As a bushwalker you really have to work hard to get that work.

The jobs are just the ones that you want to be doing.