How to Hunt a Job at Amazon’s Freelance Job Hunter

The job hunting website has announced a massive update to its job search tool, with the latest addition to the job search engine making it easier for people to hire and fire staff.

The company says the new feature is available to anyone who wants to hire people.

It’s not just job seekers, but those looking for a specific job at a particular company, too.

Job hunters can now create a search for specific jobs on their site and then use the feature to see all the jobs that match their query.

“We’re excited to add this new feature to our job hunting platform and bring you the tools you need to find the best jobs on the web,” said a spokesperson for Job Hunter.

“The new search features make it easier to find great jobs in your area, and we’ll continue to grow the site and continue to add more jobs to our tool.”

The job hunting site’s job hunting tool can be found here and is available in the UK, US, Canada and Australia.

It will also be rolled out to other countries in the coming weeks.