Hunter Museum jobs open to all

Hunter Museum’s jobs board on Thursday approved the hiring of new full-time positions and a temporary hiring program for the museum.

The jobs are open to any Hunter Museum employee with experience working in or associated with a museum or museum-related program, including staff, volunteers, researchers, interns and others, according to the Board of Trustees.

The positions are part of the museum’s overall goal of creating jobs, the Board said in a statement.

Hunter Museum is currently hiring, with openings for positions in: Assistant Director of Curatorial Programs (program director) and Associate Curatorial Curator of the American Antiquities and Colonial History Division, Field Archaeologist, Curatorial Technician, Curator and Field Historian; Associate Curator, Associate Curatorship, Curators, and Field Museum staff; and Associate Director, Museums and Art Collections, Art History, Collections and Archives, Curates, and Curator.

Hunter has 1,200 full- and part-time employees.

The Museum Board also approved the creation of a Hunter-owned-and-operated museum in downtown Asheville, North Carolina.

The museum is located on the site of the former Alcatraz Island jail, and is expected to open in 2018.

In addition, Hunter will be one of six institutions that will be using the $50 million Federal Grant Program for the 2017-2018 fiscal year to hire full-timers, the board said.

The program provides funding to private universities and colleges to help them hire new employees and support them in their careers.

The board also approved a Hunter Museum expansion that will allow the museum to open additional exhibits and events during the 2018-2019 academic year.

The expansion will expand the museum by more than 4,500 square feet, and include a large space that will hold more than 250 permanent exhibits.

The extension is expected be completed by mid-2019.

Hunter’s newest expansion project is the opening of a new science museum on the former site of Asheville’s historic Alcatross Prison.

A new facility will also open this summer, and Hunter plans to bring in new members and visitors to the area to participate in exhibits, workshops, activities and other educational programming.

The $50,000 grant will support the museum, which will have a museum and educational programming area, a space for members to participate with other visitors and faculty, and a new research center, Hunter said in an email.

Hunter said it will also build a new exhibit gallery and a museum office building.

Hunter is looking for volunteers to help open the new facility.

The new facility, the third of its kind in North Carolina, will be open in the fall and will be the first in the state to incorporate the new Hunter-designed exhibit building and new exhibit hall that Hunter said is the most modern and technologically advanced of its type.

The building will also be the Hunter’s only large-scale outdoor exhibit.

In 2016, Hunter’s director of facilities and visitor services, Robert D. Jones, was hired as the new director of the National Park Service, succeeding former Park Superintendent Michael M. Stansbury.