Job hunting problems in Ireland: A study

A new report from the Irish Times says there is an increasing number of job vacancies in Ireland, with the number of vacancies in construction and warehousing being rising at a faster rate than other sectors.

The report, which looks at jobs in the Irish Construction, Building and Warehousing (CFW) and Construction, Landscape and Design (CLD) sectors, shows there are now around 3,400 vacancies across these sectors.

It says the number is likely to rise to more than 6,000 in the coming years.

“This is an increase of over 40 per cent on the previous five-year period,” it says.

“The job vacancies are concentrated in a small number of sectors, with a majority of vacancies coming from the construction sector.”

These are high-cost sectors and many of these vacancies are linked to the global downturn in the construction industry, which has caused a number of major job losses in recent years.

“The report also says the construction, warehousing and CLD sectors are in particular need of skilled staff.”

While this may be a relatively high percentage of the workforce, the vast majority of people in these sectors are working from home,” it said.

The job vacancy rate is higher than that for the banking sector, the construction and the construction related sectors.