Which NFL players would you want as your best friend?

You have to admit that this is a really fun question to ask, especially because you can find all kinds of answers.

I’m not one of those guys who is willing to just sit around and have a conversation.

So, I sat down with the guys from the Cleveland Browns to get their perspective on the best friend position.

First off, the Browns, who were the only team to make the playoffs this year, would be the most fun to play with.

The team’s new quarterback, Josh McCown, is a former Cleveland star, and while he has the talent to be a good NFL quarterback, the team’s coaching staff is still looking for his successor.

So I asked the Browns to name their favorite Browns player, because they would all have some kind of impact on the team.

It’s a tricky question, because if they were to choose one, who would they pick?

You can see where they stand on the issue in the video above, as they rank them from most to least fun to have as your buddy.

The Browns’ best buddy is a linebacker, who was a member of the 2006 AFC championship team and is currently a member, along with linebacker Josh Bynes and cornerback Johnthan Banks.

The other guys are all in the middle of a rebuilding process.

This isn’t the kind of answer I’m going to be asking for, but the Browns are probably going to find a way to make it work.

It just depends on how they handle this offseason.

In their defense, the players are all older than the rest of the roster.

I don’t think it’s fair to judge players based on what they’ve done in the past.

The players have to come to terms with what it is they want out of the organization, and they’re all young enough to make their decisions on that.

The most interesting player for me was defensive tackle Kevin Zeitler.

He was a top five pick in the 2014 NFL draft.

He had been a backup for a couple of years and was a third-round pick in 2013.

But he is the first one who seems like a sure thing.

He’s had a good camp and played well against the Broncos.

I’ve always been a big fan of Zeitler and have been watching him play and he has some great instincts and a good feel for the game.

I think he will be a nice guy to have around the league.

The question I’d have to ask is who would be my best friend for the next year or two?

I’m sure there are some great guys in the league, but I’ve also heard good things about the Browns’ other players.

Quarterback Joe Thomas is a great player and a player I’d like to see back, but he is also a player who has to play well at a high level for a team to feel comfortable.

It might not be the answer for every team, but if you are a fan of the Browns or anyone else, the answer is a lot of them.

I also asked my teammates to name the worst Browns players they have ever been friends with.

It really is a tough question to answer, because it’s so subjective.

I would have to go with cornerback Brandon Carr, who went to the Steelers and then was released before ever being a Browns player.

Carr is a solid player, but it’s hard to be around him for too long.

The last one I’d go with would have been defensive end Jared Allen, who is an old friend from high school who had to play in a playoff game in 2010 when he was just a rookie.

Allen had been traded to the Patriots and had some nice games with the Patriots.

I could go with the linebackers in the group.

They all are talented and have made some nice contributions to the Browns.

There’s definitely a chance that this list of Browns players is off the top of my head, but maybe the Browns have another one or two that I should know about.