Reddit’s Job Hunt Job Search is in the Crosshairs

A Reddit job hunt website has come under fire from users for posting a job posting for a job search assistant in the Philippines, which is also called “reddit job search”.

The post said a job would be offered on the job website,, for an assistant with experience in marketing, and that they would be required to perform a “quick” job interview.

It is not clear if this is the same person or just another candidate for the position.

The post has since been deleted from and is not accessible on the website.

Reddit also confirmed the post was a mistake, saying the posting was made by a user in a private message to the company.

The job posting said that the assistant would be expected to help “get the word out about our job offer” and would be responsible for “interviewing candidates in order to find the best fit for the role”.

The job was advertised on, and was posted on December 3, 2015, the day after the US President Donald Trump was elected President.

The posting was removed shortly after.

Reddit has said it does not comment on job postings.

This is not the first time Reddit has come in for criticism.

Last year, Reddit banned users for making offensive comments about Islam.

A month later, it was revealed that Reddit was involved in the 2016 hacking of the Democratic National Committee, which led to the loss of the party’s emails and the publication of thousands of internal DNC emails.

The site was forced to take down the page after it was taken offline by hackers.