How to get a hunting job in Utah

Hunting jobs are often an easy way to make money for a hunter.

According to a new survey from the University of Utah, nearly 75 percent of Utah hunters say they have an annual income from hunting.

Utah’s hunting community has seen a rapid increase in the last few years, with hunters and trophy hunters making up about 45 percent of the population.

However, with more than 70,000 hunters in the state, the demand for hunters is expected to keep growing.

Utah State University professor Mark McFarland says hunters can earn between $11,000 and $13,000 a year.

McFarlander, who recently published a book about the industry called Hunting for Hunters, says there are several different ways to get paid hunting jobs.

One of the most common ways is to use the Internet to find a hunting permit or hunting company.

Another option is to look at local hunting groups and the hunting community at large.

Mcfarland also says hunters should take care of their personal finances and not try to “overspend” on gear or food when hunting.

McAllister, who is also a hunter himself, says hunting can be lucrative for some hunters, but that hunting is still a tough job that requires a lot of discipline.

He says the only time hunting really pays off is when the money is coming in.

“If you have a big, fat paycheck that’s just going to sit there in your bank account,” McAllistersays, “You’re probably not going to be a hunter any more.”

McAllisses book, Hunting for Hunter, is available for $19.99 from Amazon.